The following is the information about translators who have translated articles in the journal. Please contact them directly when there is a need for their expertise. However, the Editorial Board of UrbanScope assumes no responsibility for consequences resulting from use of this information.

Walter Edwards, Ph.D.

TitleManaging Editor, PsyCh Journal
AffiliationInstitute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
SpecialtiesArchaeology and history (Ancient) of Japan.
CommentsRegularly translate for the Japanese Archaeological Association, including all items listed on the web page “Trends in Japanese Archaeological Research: Academic summaries translated from the Association’s annual report, ARCHAEOLOGIA JAPONICA” (URL: Other academic publications and translations are listed on my curriculum vitae (available: Currently live and work mostly in China, but maintain an affiliation with the Nara National Institute for Cultural Properties as an Adjunct Researcher.

Steven Evans, Mr.

AffiliationCorporate translator based in Kyoto
SpecialtiesAcademic translation, both scientific and in the humanities, and corporate translations, especially financial reports, CSR reports, S&P/PR materials, etc.
CommentsProvides editorial assistance including translation and proofreading for UrbanScope in addition to other English-related support for UCRC.

Takako Kimura, Ms.

AffiliationFreelance translator
SpecialtiesJapanese and western history, culture and archaeology. Translation from English, French and Slovene to Japanese or from Japanese to English.
CommentsCurrently lives in Slovenia but spends every summer in Japan (Kyoto and Tokyo). Has translated multiple books in humanities field (architecture, art, history) that are published in Japan, as well as different museum-related articles and materials.

Robert Miller, Mr.

AffiliationKiwi Translations Company, Ltd.
Company address7A Junesu Musashino Bldg., 2-2-2 Nakacho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180-0006
Web site
SpecialtiesTranslations in many academic fields, including science & technology, politics, economics and legal documents as well as business-related translations, such as company web sites, annual reports, financial reports, etc.
CommentsWon a prize in the Shizuoka International Translation Competition (for two works including an historical essay about Minamoto no Sanetomo).

Riyo Namigata, Ms.

Company address236-0005 Kanagawa-ken Yokohama-shi Kanazawa-ku Namiki 3-11-5-106
SpecialtiesSpecialization is in the fields of architecture and urban planning. Translation experience, however, stretches across a wide range of fields, including image processing, politics, geography, culture and linguistics. Has over 10 years of experience in the field of academic translation, both from Japanese to English and vice versa.
CommentsBorn in Japan but raised in the United States for 20 years from the age of three. With a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of California, Berkeley and a master’s degree in socio-cultural environmental studies from The University of Tokyo, I have developed a solid understanding of both languages and cultures.

Joseph Ryan, Mr.

AffiliationFreelance translator
Web site
SpecialtiesArchaeology, history, and literature
CommentsGraduate student in the Osaka University Department of Archaeology

Shan (Zoe) Lin, Ms.

AffiliationFreelance translator
Web site
SpecialtiesHistory of China
CommentsGraduate student at Department of History, University of California, Davis. Translation from Chinese/Japanese to English, and English to Chinese.

James B. Smith

AffiliationIndependent. I have worked as a freelance translator (Japanese to English); writer, and editor in San Francisco since 2003. I also worked as a translator, editor and re-writer in Tokyo for 15 years. I also worked in journalism in the past: for NHK’s Radio Japan as a news announcer and editor.
Address1985 Grove Street No. 5 San Francisco, CA 94117
Cellular phone1-415-509-6546
E-mail or
SpecialtiesSociology, economics, education, literature and cross-cultural studies.
Recent workIn addition to translating articles in the fields of sociology, political science, I translated a book written by Professor Sechiyama Kaku (Tokyo University Sociology professor). It was published in English as Patriarchy in East Asia–A Comparative Sociology of Gender (Brill, Leiden and Boston, 2013).
CommentsIn this current era of social upheaval all over the world, I am interested in contributing to peace, international understanding and social reform.
At this stage of my career, I am more interested in contributing to these goals than in simply making money. If any of your group members have the opportunity to visit California (especially the San Francisco Bay Area, feel free to contact me. Also, please feel free to contact me at my e-mail address, by mail or telephone as follows:
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